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GBWhatsApp auto reply message is much needed in 2020. With time, Whatsapp continuously makes it increasingly solid, secure, and esteem added to talk everywhere throughout the world. It’s insufficient, we have Whatsapp GB. Despite the fact that it has marvellous highlights, however, despite everything has a few limitations. To help those limitations, present-day engineers made another rendition of WhatsApp, which is GB Whatsapp. It is a shaped rendition of Whatsapp, which will astound you with its alluring highlights.

We can’t disregard the way that the most generally utilized application is Whatsapp for correspondence. So also, in this universe of rivalry, designers have built up an altered form of WhatsApp with some extra appealing highlights. This most recent variant is called GBWhatsapp.

GB Whatsapp is the most established changed form of WhatsApp, which is refreshed to date. Not at all like other adjusted forms of WhatsApp like Whatsapp Plus and FM Whatsapp, you don’t have to uninstall unique WhatsApp.

Gbwhatsapp is the most famous and used moded apk in 2020. The reason is that this moded version of whatsapp having amazing features that the original whatsapp lacks. Developers have done their best in order to facilitate the user by providing maximum functions in gbwhatsapp apk.

Here are the highlights of features of Gbwhatsapp:

  1. Auto-Reply
  2. DND mode.
  3. Broadcasting.
  4. Filteration of Text Messages.
  5. Anti-Revoke Messages.
  6. Send Many Pics at Once.
  7. Versatility in themes.
  8. Download Options
  9. Font List.
  10. Chat History.
  11. Image Optimization.
  12. Contacts History.

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One of the important features of gbwhatsapp apk is auto reply of a message when you are in offline mode. Replying for a message automatically shows professionalism in your work. When you reply timely to your boss or your client, this shows your level of seriousness to your work. So, the importance of this feature can never be neglected.

In addition to that when you are a family man and stuck in a place where picking up the phone or replying for a text is not possible, you set your gbwhatsapp apk to auto-reply message mode and do the work amazingly well.

Gbwhatsapp auto reply setup

So, here in this short article, we will tell you about how you can set your phone on an autoreply mode.


Launch your Gbwhatsapp apk and click on the Menu on top right corner of the home screen. This will open GB settings.


Click on Auto-Reply Message


Turn the toggle on to enable the auto reply feature


Now select the (+) button to create an auto reply.

<img src="" alt="Gbwhatsapp auto reply Message">


After you have done all this, set any keyword you want an auto reply to be sent. If you opt ”ALL” option then auto reply will be sent to any received message.

If you go for ”Equal” option, then auto reply will be sent for only those texts which are equal to the defined word.

If you select the ”CONTAINS” option, then auto reply will be sent for any message which contains the defined word.

Delay Message allows you to specify the delay in seconds to auto reply the text.

You have the options to send the auto reply to a CONTACT, a GROUP or BOTH depending upon the choice made by you.


Advantages of Auto Reply on Gbwhatsapp

For Business

  • Turn Newly Developed Websites into Subscribers.
  • Build Long-term relationships.
  • Leave a positive impression.
  • Exponential Marketing Without Human Resource
  • Prudent Follow-up of customer queries.
  • Cross-Selling and Reselling Opportunities.
  • Shift traffic to your websites or blogs.
  • Optimal Message Delivering.
  • Customer Support.

For Employee

  • Get informed for an updated strategy for a target.
  • Inbound and Outbound customer interaction.
  • Protection of customer relation.
  • Shows dedication to work.
  • Saves companies repute.

Disadvantages of Auto Reply on Gbwhatsapp

  • It is useful for small businesses only.
  • You cannot select a different template for different coming texts.
  • An active internet connection is needed.
  • It has a limitation in customization.


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