With time, WhatsApp gradually makes it more reliable, secure, and value-added to talk all over the world. It’s not enough, we have Whatsapp gb. Even though it has mind-blowing features, but it still has some restrictions. To aid those restrictions, modern developers created another version of WhatsApp, which is GB Whatsapp. It is a molded version of Whatsapp, which will amaze you with its attractive features.

Use WhatsApp accounts, Hide Double Ticks, Change Themes, and Set Online Status have modified features of Whatsapp Gb, which will excite you in the movement of despair. This version is all free to use, which has extra privacy available in it.

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In this article, we will tell you about the fantastic features of GBWhatsapp. This article will also guide you for the step by step procedure to download GBWhatsapp for free.

GB Whatsapp APK:

We cannot neglect the fact that the most widely used app is Whatsapp for communication. Similarly, in this world of competition, developers have developed a modified version of WhatsApp with some additional attractive features. This latest version is called GBWhatsapp.

GB Whatsapp is the oldest modified version of WhatsApp, which is updated to date. Unlike other modified versions of WhatsApp like Whatsapp Plus and FM Whatsapp, you don’t need to uninstall original WhatsApp.

Download GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsapp APK File details:

App Name GBWhatsapp APK
Android Version 4.3 and above
Latest Version 9.5.0
Apk Size 53.5 MB
Root Required Not Applicable
Last Updated 2 Days ago

Whatsapp Gb has almost 4 million+ downloads in the world. It is used because of its extra features.

Others Version to Download:

Features of GBWhatsapp:

Whatsapp Gb came up with the bulk of exciting features which can be used on your android phones. Below are the hallmarks of GBWhatsapp.

Auto Reply: This feature allows you to reply message automatically whenever you want to. Sometimes you are in a hurry or busy in some personal work or official meeting. So, this feature is added to facilitate the user in such circumstances.

Airplane Mode: This app has its airplane mode, which implies that you can silent the GBWhatsapp without making any change in the phone.

Broadcasting: GB WhatsApp offers you to send broadcasting messages to groups, which is a distinctive feature.

  Filtration of Text Messages: The developers added filter messages option in GB WhatsApp. It provides the user to clear Chat anytime, which can also filter your messages.

Anti-Revoke Messages: It comes with anti-revoke messages feature. It can anti-revoke multiple messages at once.

  Send many Pictures at once: Original version of WhatsApp restricts the sending of multiple images at a time. But GB Whatsapp users can deliver 90 pictures at a time. In addition to that, the user can also send a 50MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to contacts.

  Versatility in Themes: Unfortunately, original WhatsApp comes up with the limitation in a variety of themes. GB Whatsapp offers endless themes to its users. Now there is no chance to get bored.

  Download Statuses Directly: One of the deficiencies on original WhatsApp was that it does not offer direct download of statuses. GB Whastapp came up with this fantastic feature. Now you can directly download any status of your friends and family.

  Amazing Font list: An endless list of fonts is available in GB WhatsApp. You will never get bored using GB WhatsApp because of its funky styles and variations.

  Chat History: GB Whatsapp keeps the record of revoked messages. The user can check the histories of revoked messages in one go.

  Contacts specific alterations: Every person has different relationships to deal with. You cannot be the same person for all. So, GB Whatsapp allows making contacts in particular alterations. Users can restrict media for individual connections, and so on.

  Mark the unread messages: Directly from the notifications, the user can segregate the read and unread messages.

  Select all Chat:  In one go, the user can select all chats to form the home screen.

  Hide Status Option: GB Whatsapp comes up with the feature of hiding the status.

  Image Optimization: GB Whatsapp enables you to deliver high-quality images. The in-built programming automatically converts the low-quality image to a high-quality image.

  Contacts History: GB Whatsapp manages the log history of all available contacts.

Language: Users can select the word from the default by using GB WhatsApp.

  Notification Update: When minor changes are made in contacts like changing of profile picture user will be notified.

  Pop up Notification Block: Using GB Whatsapp, users can hide pop up notification from the main screen.  

Whatsapp GB Risk Factor:

No doubt, when you are using the original version of WhatsApp, you are secure. Recommended owners like Facebook and Google back the original version of WhatsApp. On the other hand, when you are using any molded version of Whatsapp-GB, you are at minor risk. Google does not back any molded version like GB-Whatsapp, that’s why it is not available in google play store. Similarly, like original WhatsApp, you have to give access to:

  • Your Location.
  • Your Contacts
  • Your Phones Gallery
  • Your Phones Camera
  • Your Microphone

Until now, there are about 20million plus users of GB Whatsapp, but there is not a single complaint about it.

Comparison of GBwhatsapp with Original Whatsapp:

 Features   GB-WhatsApp   Whatsapp 
  • Status Character Length
Up to 255 Character Up to 139 Character
  • Document Sharing at a time
100 30
  • Media Sharing
50 MB 15 MB
  • Hide Last Seen
Yes No
  • Status Copying
Yes No
  • PDF, Text Format Sharing
Yes No
  • Languages Supported
45 130
  • Blank Messages Sending
Yes No
  • Theme Changing
Yes No


How to Download GB Whatsapp for Android:

Whenever you are going to use an app, you must have to check its requirements. After fulfilling the requirements, you need to follow the following steps:

Storage Space: Storage space of at least 54 MB is necessary for this app to install.

Enable Unknown Sources from Security: In the setting options of phones, enable the “unknown sources” so that system may allow downloading the file. Since Google does not back GB Whatsapp, so it is not available in Google play.

Click Download: Click the download button and wait for the file to download.

Click Install Button: After finish downloading, click on install and wait till the app installation completed.

Launch:  Now launch the app and allow access to pics, camera, contacts, etc.

Login: Log in the Whatsapp account and enjoy fantastic GB Whatsapp.

Download Whatsapp GB for iPhone:

A significant chunk of people is using android all over the world. So app developers try to grab that market for profitability. In addition to that, a small group of people is also using an iOS-based smartphone like the iPhone. According to research, about 195 million people in the world are using the iPhone. So, there is a need to have WhatsApp in iPhones too. Due to the small difference in usage, people are unaware of how to download GB Whatsapp on iPhone.

Download GB for IOS

Following steps, you need to take to download GBWhatsapp on iPhone.

  • Firstly, go to any browser on your device.
  • Click the download button to download the iOS file.
  • After completion of the download, click on the install button.
  • Wait until the app installed on your iPhone.
  • After the installation of GB Whatsapp, launch it.
  • Login to your WhatsApp account or recover the previous ole one.
  • Enjoy GB WhatsApp with its latest features.

Privacy Control Features of GB-Whatsapp:

Many people ask why they should prefer the molded versions over the original one. So the answer lies in the privacy settings of GB Whatsapp. The customized privacy settings of GB Whatsapp will convince you to keep this version forever.

Below are some privacy settings of Whatsapp GB;

  • Being On-Line (Status)
  • Double Tick Options
  • Blue Tick Alterations
  • Settings of Microphone
  • Status of Recording
  • Status of Typing
  • Messages Scheduling

GB Whatsapp 2020 Updated Features:

GB Whatsapp is not restricted to mere only on the singular version. Over time, it has updated with more innovations. Improvement is the key to success. Developers of GB Whatsapp has followed the norm and updated the app by adding more attractive features in it. Here we talk about the most updated features of GB Whatsapp.

  •   Completely Personalize Themes:

The original version of WhatsApp has not focused on the aesthetics of the app. The deficiency leads to the formation of a molded version of apk. GB Whatsapp has a long list of themes. Those themes keep attraction in the apk, and due to this, the users are stick to this apk.

  •   Sending of Big Files:

In the beginning, GB Whatsapp was able to forward files that are not significant. But in the latest update of GB Whatsapp, apk can send data of humongous size. Original WhatsApp allows you only to send data not exceeding 16MB. But this version of WhatsApp frees you to forward files of larges files even above 50MB.

  •   Backup Options:

GB Whatsapp comes up with the restriction that it does not allow the user to make a backup on the cloud. However, it will enable both manual back-ups on Google drive and also on PC. How you can create Back up with GB Whatsapp:

  • Firstly, go on the settings of the apk and select Chat Back up. This will build back up in the gadget in your hand. It can be restored anytime when you need it.
  • Secondly, connect the gadget with your PC via WhatsApp web. Then create the backup in your PC by simply following the above procedure.

FAQ’s of Whatsapp GB

Q: Can we use GB Whatsapp along with Original Version in the Same Mobile?

Answer: Of course, unlike FM WhatsApp, you can use both versions of WhatsApp in the same mobile. There is no need to uninstall original WhatsApp to keep GB Whatsapp.

Q: Is GB-Whatsapp safe to use?

Answer: In fact, GB Whatsapp is not own or supported by Google or FB. But many users have been using this app for months. There is not a single complaint about it.

Q: Can we create a backup?

Answer: For sure. You can create an auto-backup as well as manual back up.

Q: Is it better than the original Whatsapp?

Answer: It is based on user priorities. Most people like the funky features of apps. GB Whatsapp is a practical example of this. So it is better than Whatsapp in many ways.

Q: Does it update automatically?

Answer: No, you need to search for the updated version. Its updated version is available on our website.

Q: Does GB Whatsapp available for iPhone?

Answer: Yes, GB Whastapp is available for both android and iOS.

Q: Do I need to root my phone for this app?

Answer: No, absolutely not, there is no need to root your device for this apk.



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