123movies here in this article, we will tell you the complete details of such an app and its websites. Yes, we are talking about the most trending online free movie platform. In this article, we will provide the full detail needed for a layperson. What is 123movies? How does it work? Is it legit? How to watch 123 Movies? Which is the best source to watch movies online for free? How to crack 123movies?

In this article, we will share the 100% free movies HD websites.  With the availability of the internet, people can now enjoy movies in isolation on their own smart devices. There is no need to hustle in for the ticket to the cinema hall. However, the user has to pay online to watch movies. Various platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are offering paid subscriptions so that they can enjoy unlimited streaming online.

We, at this moment, state that we are not the promoters to watch movies on banned sites. Watching free movies online may be bought for some legal proceedings. Our intention here is to facilitate the user by just informing the queries about 123movies.

With the invention of android technology, nowadays, many apps are available in Google play store to watch movies online besides the original websites. The increase in competition in the apk industry creeps up the saturation of pirated apps.

What is 123movies?

It is a free site that offers to watch and download movies online for free. It is a pirated site that illegally allows downloading movies and videos online. This site is not only restricted to Hindi movies only. It also leaks movies of various languages like English, Tamil, and Italian for the users.

<img src="https://apkwitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Watch-Your-Favorite-Movies.jpg" alt="123movies">

Besides this, online TV series like The Witchers, Suits, and Games of Thrones is also available to watch and download for free. Above all, it is banned in a few countries because it is illicit and does not own by officials. However, various clone sites are available where you can quench your thirst immediately and at an optimum level. We will talk about all the clone sites here.

 Why do you need to have 123movies App?

About 45% population of the world has smartphones, which count to about 3.5 billion people. It means that a significant chunk of society is used-to to smartphones. So, people nowadays prefer to use direct apps instead of websites. If you are tired of browsing on the internet, you just need to download 123movies apk. You will surely get rid of pop-up ads while using apk. The apk is more reliable and compact instead of the website.

How to download 123movies App?

You have to follow simple steps to download app:

  • Go on to your browser and search for 123movies app free download.
  • Click download 123movies app on the website.
  • Wait until the completion of the download.
  • Now launch and enjoy watching online movies for free.

Download Now 123Movies

File Information:

The editor highly recommends using a movies app because it is faster than the website, easy to use, and compact. Besides this, you will have no pop-up ads in this app, but there is no surety on the website. In the below table, complete information about the file has been shared:

123movies System Requirement
File Size 4.00MB
Version V3.0
Technology Android 4 and above
Languages English, Hindi, Telugu
Last Updated 01-Day ago
License Free


How to Crack 123movies Website & Proxy

As said earlier, It is a pirated site to access free movies anytime. Due to its piracy issues, many governments have blocked it in their country. The reason is that this website breaches license laws of real ownership. Still, we will tell you how to crack this website even it is blocked in your country. You just need to follow following easy steps to crack 123movies for free:

For Smartphones:

  • Initially, a free virtual private network (VPN) is required. Just install any from Google Playstore.
  • After installing the VPN, open it, and set the location to the USA. Cross-check your IP address. It must be changed.
  • If the IP address is changed, go to the official website of 123movies or any other on the list.
  • Congrats! You have done this. Now you can watch and download any movie on the list.

For PC:

If you are a PC lover and do most of your tasks on your PC, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Use Google Chrome as your browser. If you don’t have Google Chrome as your browser, then install it immediately.
  • Unlike Mobile or Smart Phone, you have to add an extension in the chrome settings.
  • Add any of the top-rated VPN extension which doesn’t need any registration like Tunnelbear or Turbo VPN in your browser settings.
  • Enable the extension and review if the IP address has changed.
  • After the changing of IP address, go to the official website of One two three movies and enjoy the streaming.

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How to Download movies from 123movies?

As told earlier, 123movies is illicit, thus banned in various countries, including the USA. The USA has stringent rules for video piracy. This country especially looks after Web Scams, Cyber Crimes, and Copyrights breaching. They have strict punishments for the persons and organizations that are involved in this crime. So, we recommend not violating the rules of first world countries. You might have to face adverse circumstances of you commit such crime.

The easiest way to watch movies online is to pay for it simply. You should have subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar Prime, and so on. Even after that, if you want to download movies and then just follow following simple steps.

  • Firstly, open any of the website from below given list in your Google Chrome Brower. After opening the website, you will instantly see some latest uploaded movies on the first page.
  • Go to the search bar of 123movies and enter the name of the video you wish to download. This process will take a few secs, and you will have search results on your PC screen.
  • One major issue which was discussed earlier was that the site is illicit. Because of its illegality, the user has to face simultaneous pop-up ads that are monotonous to handle. You have to close at least five ads immediately. The best way to get rid of this issue is to add a block extension on your browser. We recommend you to add add-blocker plus extension in your Google Chrome settings.
  • After the end of pop-up ads, you can now click on the movie to either watch it online or download it directly.
  • If you want to download the film, just scroll down a bit until you see the download button. Click on the download button, and the movie will be downloaded directly in your PC at your specified place. Use can use additional software like IDM to download the film at a faster pace.

123movies new site name:

As said earlier in this article, 123movies is a pirated site like a torrent that promotes free watching and downloading Movies of multi-languages. There is a strong checkup of Cyber robots on such sites because these sites breach the copyright claims and thus unlawfully earn money according to the country’s law.

The service provider thus got their ways to bluff cyber robots. They use various domains with more or less the same names to keep the process goes on. You would have seen that any torrent site doesn’t work longer. After a specific period, cyber robots catch those websites and eradicate them. So, the developers have to keep many websites of almost the same names in their hands. They just switch to other sites after a certain period to bluff the cyber robot.

In addition to that, various links for the same purpose implies some sort of improvement in services. Some links will offer the latest movies, translated movies, and some will provide HD movies to download and watch online.

Below, we will enlist all links where you can download or watch videos online from your smartphone or PC.

123movies online:

123movies online is one of the top clone site like piratebay. You can watch HD movies without any hassle by just typing this phrase on your chrome browser. You will find out the top-rated free website to watch the film or TV series you wish in HD quality. The interface of this website is spotless, and you will have the uninterrupted streaming without any wait.

123movies HD:

If you are not gaining any results, no need to panic, you can again go for chrome browser and have to type 123movies HD. Just go to the top-notch site appear on the screen and go for your desired movie to watch online in HD display. You will indeed have the best quality results in the film.


You have to go for every possible phrase to watch movies online for free. As said earlier, 123movies is a pirated site that is banned in almost all countries. So, the owners have various like domains which they switch from time to time to get rid of the Google robotic systems. If you are still unable to reach your goal of watching movies online, you must give a try to 0123movies. By typing this word on your browser, you will have a wide range of websites on your browser. Just click on the website, which is on the top of the screen, and you will have your required results.


0123movie is another top-notch word which will take you towards the paradise of free movies online. This is a successful phrase to watch HD movies online. You will get a listed suggestion of active websites offering English movies and TV series in all qualities. If this is still not working, you must go for the VPN to resolve your issue.


This is the high search matter on google. People love to watch free movies quarantining themselves in their houses. So following steps you have to follow to watch movies online for free of other sites are not working:

  • Type 123movie on your browser. (we recommend Chrome)
  • Click on any of the top 10 sites to watch your desired movie.
  • Active VPN on your Desktop or Mobile.
  • Go for the desired movie you want to watch.


123movies4u is an online platform to watch movies online in ultra HD qualities. This URL is offering to enjoy all kinds of stuff you ever imagined. All master prints of the latest movies and TV series are available here. You can also download your desired movies anytime in a few minutes.


123movieshb is a hub to watch movies in universal languages. As per the name, the URL offers up to 1000 new and old movies to watch online. This website is on the latest server technologies, which provide a hassle-free broadcast to the user. You can enjoy your weekend with a mere internet connection. You don’t need to pay for movies anymore.


Watch123 is no way different from other top-notch free movie websites. Watch123 is the clone website to “123movies.com”. The URL is not workable in all over the world. Various countries have banned this website due to DMCA. Anyhow if this website is working in your country, then it is fine. If not, no need to worry, you just have to activate a VPN.


Movies1234 is another mirror phrase to movies123. This website facilitates the user to watch movies online without any cost. It is a new website which is not older than 2-years. It is also banned in most of the countries for its violation of DMCA. You can access this website via a VPN. Before searching this on Chrome you just have to go for activating a VPN.

Watch 123movies:

Watch 123movies is the rephrase of 123movies online. If you have a dull day at home or want to enjoy the weekend in isolation, just browse watch 123movies on your chrome browser. This is the best way to watch online movies in an instant. Pick your headphones and seek a corner at your home. Just have some popcorn and enjoy a mini cinema at your home for free. This site may also be blocked due to copyright claims. You don’t need to dishearten, for there are many ways to access this URL, just like activating VPN.


123movis is also a pirated site with an incorrect domain name. This site will also make sure to entertain you. Unlike other HD free movie sites, this site has lesser issues of pop up messages. This site displays movies of all languages. No matter you wish to watch English, Hindi, French, or Tamil movie. You just name it and movie will be in front of you.


123moviea is a clone name to 123 movies. This is a short name. The creator of websites has to do that because of DMCA claims. This website is still working with over 1500 movie range. This website is blocked in the USA and UK. However, it can be unblocked via some VPN services.


123moveis is one of the best mirror sites of 123 movies. It is best known for its streaming speed. It is faster than any other clone or mirror site of 123 movies. The interface is easy and user-friendly. You can wander around by keeping the film running of your Desktop.

123movies new site name list 15+:

Here we share the complete list of URL’s which may be the linked sites to 123movies. Please visit one by one to the following sites and stay on the one which works.

  1. 123movies.la
  2. 123movies.fm
  3. 123movies.at
  4. 123movies.ag
  5. 123movies.to
  6. 123movies.net
  7. 0123movies.net
  8. Movies123.uk
  9. 123movies.io
  10. 123movies.go
  11. 0123movies.run
  12. 123movies4u.vip
  13. 123movies4u.ca
  14. 123tv
  15. 123movies.it
  16. Solarmovie sc
  17. 123movieshub.pe

Alternative sites to 123movies:

The following are the alternative sites of 123movies. The sites mentioned below also supports you to watch movies online in HD and Blueray prints.

  • Gomovies
  • Cmovies

Standard Features of 123movies and Sub-Domains:

123movies and its sub-domains possessed all those attractive features which a viewer wants. These features are enough to grab the attention of the viewer. The pirated sites are specially developed to target the audience of the Asia Pacific. But it is not restricted to that region only.

Following are the unique features of 123movies and its sub-domains:

  • Multi-language feature:

Many sites are available on the internet to watch movies online. But every website has some restrictions. On the other hand, 123movies and its sub-domains offer the multi-language feature, which means that people, belongs to North India can also watch movies of their will. All latest and older videos are available in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and Punjabi languages. Besides these languages, films in Kannada, Malayan, and Urdu are also available in HD prints.

  • Fast Streaming and Downloading Speed:

123movies competes with the most prominent tycoons of the entertainment industry. These pirated sites are promoting the view of the latest movies in ultra-fast speed and quick- streaming. You don’t need to wait for long to watch the film online now. The viewer can quickly quench its thirst but watching those movies. Additionally, downloading the latest videos in HD modes is not impossible now. One can download a full film in a matter of minutes by just tapping the downloading button.

  • Availability of Latest Movies:

Cumulatively, there are over one million movies available of all central and subdomains. You just need to wander around to reach the film you want to stream live or download. The primary issue is that the latest films are hard to get in Ultra HD modes. But still, the cinema versions are available on the websites.

  • Availability before Release Date:

As described earlier, One, two, three movies and its subdomains are pirated sites which are offering pirated versions of movies. Theses websites even provide videos before the original movie release date, which is a fantastic feature.

  • IBDM Suggestions:

123movies and its subdomains always show the IBDM ratings of the movie. So, it becomes easy for you to watch the movie online instead of going to the new tab and search for the IBDM ratings. This feature is available to almost all the Clone sites.

  • Cast and crew of the movie:

It will also inform you about the complete cast and crew of the movie. This information will be displayed at the bottom of the streaming. So, it is facilitating to watch movies on 123movies.


What is the correct 123movies site?

123movies is an illicit site to watch online movies in HD prints. It was the world’s biggest free streaming site. So, when 123movies had faced some DMCA issues, the service providers started making its clone sites to facilitate the viewer and earn profits. Google robotic systems continuously traced illegal sites and blocked them immediately.  As a result, various clone websites came into being, and the user is facilitated. So in this article, we have shared the completely working list of clone websites where you can watch desired movies by just a single click.

  • 123movies.la
  • 123movies.fm
  • 123movies.at
  • 123movies.ag
  • 123movies.to
  • 123movies.net
  • 0123movies.net
  • Movies123.uk
  • 123movies.io
  • 123movies.go
  • 0123movies.run
  • 123movies4u.vip
  • 123movies4u.ca
  • 123tv
  • 123movies.it
  • Solarmovie.sc
  • 123movieshub.pe

How to unblock 123movies on Desktop?

The answer lies in the clone websites. If the original website is blocked or not working, then you much reach to the other sites in the list and check them one by one. In addition to that, there is another method to unblock 123movies in your country.

  • First, download a reputed VPN on your computer or Desktop and install it.
  • Enable the VPN and change your country site.
  • Check the IP address if it is changed.
  • Now, browse for 123movies and enjoy the live stream.

How to unblock 123movies on Android?

Unlike Desktop, here, you need to have an additional VPN app. Follow the following steps to unblock 123movies on Android:

  • Download a VPN form Google Playstore.
  • Enable the proxy server before going for the search on Chrome.

Why is 123movies not working?

There may be several reasons that this website is not working in your country.

  • Firstly, it may be banned in your country. For the solution, read the article above.
  • Secondly, the data is transmitted to the clone website. For the solution, go for the clone websites given in the article.

Which VPN should we use to unblock 123movies:

You can simply use the free version of a VPN from Google Playstore. You don’t need to pay for that. Turbo VPN is our suggestion for this motive. You must take care that the IP must be switched to another country before browsing for the movies.

How to download movies from 123movies?

There is not a standard rule to download movies from 123movies. First of all, the website’s streaming speed is adequate that you will not need to download it for future use. However, even after that, if you want to download the movie, you must follow the following steps.

  • Install IDM on your computer.
  • Add a video URL in the IDM downloading window.
  • Select the path.
  • Click on the downloading button.
  • Wait until downloading completes.

Is there any 123movies proxy?

Yes, the proxy is needed to watch the live streaming of the movies. The proxy may be in the shape of the VPN, or you may also reach the websites via a clone network. The clone websites and VPN are discussed in the article. Please view the list of 123movies site.

Is any app for 123movies for Android?

123movies also have an app on Google Playstore for live streaming of the latest movies in HD. The best way to watch movies online is via cell phone. You just have to download the app from the app store and go for your favorite movies.

What are the pros and Cons of 123movies?

There are very pros and little cons to this website. The users have to go through it individually to decide whether they have to use this website.

Pros & Cons

  • It provides unlimited access to thousands of movies online for free.
  • It has various clone websites, which means that you can reach your desired niche of movies after all.
  • The results are as if you are watching movies on a paid site line inflix or amazon prime.
  • Some movies are available before the official release date.
  • You can download unlimited from the site.
  • Ultrafast streaming facilitates the user to watch hassle-free movies.
  • All varieties of movies are available like Korean, Hindi, English, and Vietnam.
  • It is illicit to watch online movies for free due to copyright issues.
  • It may take time to reach to the right site to watch movies online.
  • The websites may be banned anytime.
  • Pop Up adds are hectic to bear.

What kind of movies can we watch on 123movies?

The site facilitates you to watch movies of every kind. You can watch horror, thriller, adventure, romantic and action movies on these sites or clone sites. In addition to that, you can also watch movies in different dubbings and languages with subtitles. The famous TV series like Game of Thrones and Narcos are also available on 123movies.

How to get rid of Pop up adds on 123movies?

You can get rid of the pop-up ads by using an ad blocker plus extension on your Google Chrome browser. This extension will minimize the adds, and you will be able to watch your favorite show without interruption.

Are there any alternatives to 123movies?

Yes, as the reliability of 123movies is not sure. So, there are various alternatives to this site. The following are the recommended alternatives:

  • Cmovies
  • Gomovies

These websites are also promoting the same thing as that of the 123 movies. There you can watch movies and TV series in HD. These are the most visited site.

New Movies You can watch on 123movies:

Here we share the complete list of movies that you can watch on 1, two, 3 movies. As said earlier, its clone sites provide you with the latest version of the film. You don’t need to hassle around to watch new movies here and there.

The Invisible Man:

The science-fiction horror movie directed by a famous person of Hollywood “Leigh Whannell” can be watched online in HD mode. This movie is still available on cinema halls only. It is not available in Master Prints in the local market. However, 123Movies, as usual, cracked its original version in HD graphics.

So, you can enjoy your movie, which is viral on IBDM ratings. This movie is based on the writings of H.G Wells, who have written a novel with the name “The Invisible Man.” So go on any of the listed sites and quench your thirst for watching this highly rated movie online.


Bloodshot is based on the best-selling comic book in which a soldier killed and brought back to life as a superhero. Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison in this movie. This movie is also top-rated now a day in the entertainment industry. So, if you want to watch this movie online without any hassle, just go for any of the link address shared. You will find the right address to watch the film. If you are afraid of pop up ads, then you may go for the 123 app of movies.

Little Women:

It is the 2019 American coming of age period drama film written and directed by Greta Gerwig. It is the seventh film adaption of the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. It is not available freely on the internet. However, it has also cracked this original movie version. Anyone can watch this movie on Ultra HD mode at any of the shared address given above in the article. This movie is one of the highly ranked on IBDM ratings.


1917 is a top-notch Hollywood movie directed, co-written, and produced by Sam Mendes. The film till now has earned about $370M US. This movie is more to do about World War One. It is depicting the war regimes of the First World War.  You can watch this movie online or any of the clone sites of 123 app or movies. This movie is highly recommended by the editor.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire:

This is the French-based romantic drama film having OBDM ratings of more than 8. This movie gets too much face because of its writing script. This is a mystic movie in which a person portrays another person secretly. To watch this movie online, go for any alternative site mentioned in this blog

You can also watch the following  best TV series:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Narcos
  • Breaking Bad
  • Prison Break
  • Suits
  • Chernobyl
  • Stranger Things


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