FM Whatsapp is one of the app that revolutionize the global connectivity system. It connects the people from all over the world by providing cheap facilities of Audio and Video calls in ultra HD displays.

FM-Whatsapp Intro

With the passage of time, improvement brings along in the Whatsapp apk. The simple apk does not attract the consumer as it should be, because of few deficiencies. So, following the need of time, developer update the apk to its user friendly and attractive way, Additional features were added in order to keep the target audience bounded. Developers also play the same strategy in order to meet the competition in the market.

Other Whatsapp Version:

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FMWhatsapp will ultimately make the things easier for the user. Advanced features like privacy, customization, emoji, security and advanced features were added to increase the grace of the apk. These are the features that original Whatsapp hesitates to give you. FMWhatsapp will definitely give the user a satisfactory experience of calling, video calling and emotions sharing through versatile ways.

Why Choose FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsapp is the modified and compatible version of original Whatsapp. It contains the features that original one lacks of. It does not mean that the original version is flopped, but it was not as compatible as FMWhatsapp is.

Additionally, to keep the attraction of clients instinct, mod developers developed FMWhatsapp. Many other versions of MOD Whatsapp are also available in the internet market but one can’t make it sure that whether they are fake or legit. So legal MOD developers produced their best in shape of FMWhatsapp, which is totally legal and real. Those MOD FMWhatsapp developers make it easily available for us.

So, FMWhatsapp is available for your convenience all the time in this legit source and it is highly recommended to use that particular app from the provided download links.

  • App Name
  • Minimum Requirments
Compatible to Install on any Mobile/PC
  • Version
  • Developer
FM Whatsapp
  • App Size
  • App Type
Whatsapp MOD
  • Total Download
1 Million+


Download FMWhatsapp 

If you have decided to switch to most advanced version of Whatsapp, that’s great. Follow below steps to FMWhatsapp downlaod

  1. Uninstall original whatsapp from your mobile.
  2. Make enough space in Mobile to download/Install Fm whatsapp.
  3. Allow download & install from unknown sources in your mobile setting.
  4. Click on the Button below to download.

Free Download FMWhatsapp

Way to Install FMWhatsapp

Once you have download the apk mod from above given link. Now you are 1 step away to share pics, videos & chat with your friends.

  • Open the location where you want to save downloaded file.
  • Click on downloaded file so it may Install.
  • You will see a pop up on the screen.
  • Allow permission to access contacts, media etc
  • Install will begin in a moment, just wait a moment.
  • Now tap the icon of FMwhatsapp & create Login.

Amazing Features of FMWhatsapp 2020 (Version 8.14)

No need to satisfy on what you have in your hand while you can have much better than that. Upon the demand of users, developers tend to meet their needs as soon as possible. Same happens in the case of FMWhatsapp. Original Whatsapp lacks some features which were explored when the users used the original whatsapp. So following are the additional modified features of FMWhatsapp which you must try once.

I am pretty sure that once you have gone through these features you will definitely give a try to the modified version i.e FMWhatsapp apk.

Salient features of FMWhatsapp

Following are the salient features of FMWhatsapp:

  • Hide Action Text:

It has been noticed that in conventional Whatsapp; whenever a person do an action like writing a text or recording an audio the notification appears on the screen of the receiver. While this feature is amended in the latest FMWhatsapp apk where the receiver will not be notified if you are writing a text or recording an audio. On the other hand you will get all features otherwise. Just turn on this additional feature on FMWhatsapp and enjoy the rest.

Some Additional mind-blowing attributes of FMWhatsapp:

From above you will be able to know that FMWhatsapp is a most updated and advanced version of Whatsapp. It is not over yet. FMWhatsapp brings along more attractive feature which one only can dream of. Here are some elite features of FMWhatsapp.

Glimpse of Extra Ordinary Features

  1. Contact a Person without saving it
  2. Big length file sharing
  3. Security Restriction
  4. View deleted files
  5. Restrict Screenshots
  6. Multiple Themes
  7. No Notification when you leave group.
  8. Fetch the deleted files
  • Contact a person without saving it:

Conventional Whatsapp will only allow you to contact a person; place an audio call or video call, when you save it to your contact list. But, is not mandatory condition for FMWhatsapp. Besides bringing too much ease in the business, FMWhatsapp will allow you to directly contact a person without having saving its name in your contact list. Now with this modified apk you can explore the new world of privacy and features. One can directly start a conversation or video call by just holding the contact number.

  • Big Length File Sharing:

Unlike conventional Whastapp, FMWhatsapp can transfer longer length of videos to the users. The original Whatsapp can transfer file upto 16MB of data. This file size is quiet small especially in this era of High Definition and Blue Ray Videos. It is not convenient for the students and business personals as well to get interrupted in the middle of their conversation or transfer of important data in direct talk or in a group talk. With FMWhatsapp one can share file of size upto 50 MB in a single shift, which is immense. This makes FMWhatsapp more convenient.

  • Inward Contact Security Restrictions:

Now you can manage your contact portfolio just by using FMWhatsapp. There are persons in the surrounded by you who may deliberately irritate you through random callings and text messages. You can now block them by just piling up their contact details in blocked box. This feature is not available in the original version of Whatsapp. So to live in free space where no one can irritates you, you can use FMWhatsapp and contact those who are closer to you.

  • View the Deleted file:

Sometimes it happens that a person shares you some file like an image, PDF or MP4 and soon after they delete it and it becomes unavailable for you instantly. This type of feature prevails in regular Whatsapp; but in FMWhatsapp you are able to instantly secure the file which was shared with you. No one can except you can mold the file. Once it is shared with you; the sender can’t alter it anyway. It, to the some extent gives you unfair advantage.

Download Now

  • Avoid capturing screenshots:

This is the best ever added feature in FMWhatsapp which no one can imagine. The regular Whatsapp will allow the sender to delete the already sent text, file or video for everyone. But the flaw was that in case of image, the receiver can save the image by just taking the screenshot of the page. Unlike that, FMWhatsapp hired a special outsource regulator which doesn’t allow the receiver to take screenshot of sent file, image, text or video. However, the screenshot can be captured after certain defined time frame. The receiver can take the screenshot after time limit of 5-Minutes, which is enough to decide. This is the amazing ever addition in FMWhatsapp since its inception. That’s why one can refuse to download FMWatsapp and enjoy its amazing features.

  • View the restricted Status:

FMWhatsapp gives you a one step forward option of viewing the status of your contact which he/she has restricted to other contacts. This feature is no available with Whatsapp so far. In your family life sometimes you may need to have put an eye on you submissive; so in this scenario FMWhatsapp is best option to keep an eye on your family persons and friends for what they are going to share on their status without sharing yours. The positive aspect of this feature is that sometimes kids might share restricted content to their stories; so in this way it became easier to stop them of doing so.

  • Multi-featured Themes:

It has been observed that since inception, conventional Whatsapp has a single green theme. Many people around the world objected this off. There must be colors in life and so in the apk which you are using daily. So FMWhatsapp provides with a wide range of multi-color schemes which one can mold according to its mood when and where it wants. More than 90 themes are available for FMWhatsapp which can be applied every new day. The best thing is that it is free of cost and lifetime. So download FMWhatsapp and enjoy multi-colored connection forever.

  • Dictionary Feature:

FMWhatsapp adds an additional feature of dictionary. If you are texting someone in English language, the auto built-in dictionary will give you best suited synonyms of the typed word. This adds up more colors to the usage of FMWhatsapp. The conventional Whatsapp does not contain this feature. By enabling this feature one can make the conversation more attractive for the receiver. This kind of feature will widely be useful for the business personnel. So just switch to FMWhatsapp and enjoy versatile and innovative way of texting.

  • Special reminders of events:

Now you don’t need to remember the important events for the people associated to you. There may be some business specific events like meetings and complains while on the other hand there may be some events regarding date of births of people. FMWhatsapp will automatically scrutinize the special events shared by the contacts in their social media timeline and save to the FMWhatsapp servers. The notification will come to the screen before 24-Hours of the occurrence of the event. So, in this scenario FMWhatsapp supersedes conventional Whatsapp. You download FMWhatsapp form the link shared.

  • Big Size Groups:

Conventional Whatsapp can add not more than 256 people in a single group. With the need of time and corporate culture of business institutions, this is not enough. So FMWhatsapp provide facility to add up 512 people in a single group. Now by using FM Whatsapp you don’t need to make different groups to share some information to the people concerned. Now sharing of information is just under one touch with the blessing of FMWhatsapp.

  • Group addition request:

It was one of the biggest flaws of conventional Whatsapp that anyone can be added to the group without any intimation and will. Now this issue is also resolved with the launch of FMWahstapp. If you are using FMWhatsapp and anyone want to add you in a group, then he must have to take your permission prior to add you up in a group. You will and privacy is in your hand by using FMWhatsapp.

  • No notification when you leave the group:

If you are added in a group and want to leave without intimation, you can do it by using FMWhatsapp. In original Whatsapp notification appeared in group about the leaving of a person. It is better to left a group without let anybody know about it. So, it will resolve various issues of privacy of the persons and let them live according to their needs. Being introvert is not an objection. So, FMWhatsapp will help you living your life according to what you want.

  • Parallel option of deletion of send records:

Whenever you are dealing with sending of files which are in the form of PNG, MP3 or MP4, you are creating image record of files in send account of Whatsapp. This creates extra burden on phone memory and eventually leads to the mall performance of device under usage. This happens when you are dealing with conventional Whatsapp. Contrary to this, when you are dealing with FMWhatsapp you don’t need to put extra burden on phone memory. Whenever you send files to the users, the system will automatically ask you if you want to keep already sent files in record or not. So, you just need to choose the option in order to get rid of device memory fallacy.

  • Spam free apk:

This is the most secure attribute of FMWhatsapp. In conventional Whatsapp, anyone can send you what they want actually, while in case of FMWhatsapp, things don’t move in such a way. Any spam will automatically be eliminated by FMWhatsapp. So one can enjoy spam free apk anytime.

  • Fetching the deleted records easily:

The records of years old conversations can be fetched under the umbrella of FMWhatsapp. It was not possible in case of conventional Whatsapp to fetch the years old record in a convenient manner. For example, if someone has deleted the record permanently from the system and wants to recover it, is can be done through FMWhatsapp in more convenient way. Just enable this feature will cause you worries of record keeping, vanished. It is highly recommended app and must be used at least once in a life.

Most Frequently Asked Questions for FMWhatsapp

Here we share answers of most frequently asked question by users of conventional Whatsapp.

What differentiate FMWhatsapp from Conventional Whatsapp?

Actually, FMWhatsapp is the molded and modernize version of Whatsapp. Due to some reasons Whatsapp was not able to meet the demand of its client. The users of Whatspp demanded for some additional features in Whatsapp. But due to some problems the creators of Whatsapp were unable to meet the demand of their clients. Observing this, we created FMWhatsapp, which is a value added version of Whatsapp. The FMWhatsapp hold various special features of Multi-Color themes, privacy and security features which original Whatsapp lacks. So, if you want to enjoy full scope Whatsapp features, download FMWhatsapp from our site.

Are there any charges of using additional features?

No, there are no charges to enjoy additional features of Whatsapp. You just need to download FMWhatsapp from our site to enjoy full fledge attributes of FMWhatsapp.

What is the download source of FMWhatsapp?

Since, it has been said earlier that FMWhatsapp is the modernize version of original Whatsapp, hence not available in play store. You can directly download it from our website from the link in given description.

Is FMWhatsapp compatible for both IOS and Android?

FMWhatspp has been built with full compatibility for every kind of software available in market. It has both versions of IOS and Android. You can download it form our given address free of cost.

The Concluding Words:
This World is full of competition and everyone wants to look modern. Same happens in the case of technology use. If you are using out-dated technology then you will be considered as old-fashioned person. Whatsapp is regularly used communication system in the world. If someone has more structured apk, then he will have advantage over others. FMWhatsapp will lead you feel confident in your daily life. Just go through the headings above written, you will ultimately come to use FMWhatsapp. It’s the matter of superiority over others that you are having what others don’t have just because you know about it. So, instantly download the latest version of FMWhatsapp 2020 and be equipped with the multi-loaded attributes of FMWhatsapp.



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