YoWhatsapp Iphone-{60sec Download and Install 2020}


YoWhatsapp for iPhone

YoWhatsapp Iphone is mush needed app nowadays. Initially, the moded version of YoWhatsapp was available for Android users. In other words, we can say that the developers developed initially, YoWhatsapp for Android users. With the passage of time when it gained popularity among the android users, iOS user came into the picture and demanded YoWhatsapp for their iOS devices as well. The major market of iOS users lies in the USA and Canada. So, to entertain those mod developers took the revolutionary step.

In this article, we will share step by step guidelines to download and install YoWhatsapp for iOS devices, especially for the iPhone.

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How to Download YoWhatsapp iPhone?

How to Download and Install YoWhatsapp on Iphone

Follow following steps to download YoWhatsapp for iPhone


Click the download button here at the bottom to initiate the downloading process.


Select the location of the file where you want to store it.


After selecting the location, click to initiate the downloading.


Wait for a while, YoWhatsapp is downloaded in your iPhone on a specified location.

How to Install YoWhatsapp iPhone?

Following steps are needed to be followed in order to install YoWhatsapp on iPhone


After the app is downloaded in your iPhone or your iOS device, the installation process will automatically be initiated.


When the first step is cleared, the app will ask for the accessibility permission from you.


Give the accessibility to the app and login with your already used number. Wait until YoWhatsapp fetch your old data (backup).

Here we go, your YoWhatsapp is ready to use. Enjoy the latest version of YoWhatsapp in your iOS device and claim your superiority over your friends and family friends.

Important Points to be followed

  • You need to uninstall the original version of Whatsapp if you want to use the moded version i.e YoWhatsapp.
  • Always create a backup while switching to YoWhatsapp from conventional Whatsapp.
  • Never go too fast while downloading or installing nor click any button under the process of downloading and installation.
  • Keep your iPhone fully charged or enough charged so that the mobile phone never gone powered off during the process.


Is YoWhatsapp is safe for iPhone?

Actually, the YoWhatsapp is a mode version of conventional whatsapp. The mode version is not backed by google play. It is not as safe as that of the conventional whatsapp. In addition to that, there has not been any registered case where the privacy or the rights get hurt by YoWhatsapp management.

So, we can say that you can enjoy endless features without hassle.

How can I download Status from YoWhatsapp?

Downloading status form YoWhatsapp is not a big deal now. You just need to download and install the YoWhatsapp from our website.

After installing YoWhatsapp; follow the following steps.

  • Watch to the status window of your phone and watch any status you wish to download.
  • The status will automatically come into your phone’s gallery as you see the status.

Note: This feature on available in the latest version of YoWhatsapp.

Is YoWhatsapp Free for Iphone?

Yes, YoWhatsapp is not charging any money for its services. They are totally free. If you have seen any paid version, it is scan never go for it.

What can we do with YoWhatsapp on iPhone?

Following are the distinctive features of YoWhatsapp which are not there in the conventional version.

  • Privacy Settings like Hiding Double Tick, Blue Tick, Status Privacy, Watching the deleted status and messages, hiding the online status etc are there in YoWhatsapp.
  • Multi-themes options are available in YoWhatsapp. You can alter the colours and themes of in YoWhatsapp as you want.
  • You can transfer and download data of bigger size as compared to the original version of Whatsapp. YoWhatsapp allows you to forward more than 70 pics in a shift and video of more than 25MB as well.
  • Varieties of Emojis are there, you can share emotions with YoWhatsapp iPhone version.


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