As far as communication is concerned in android apps, Whatsapp Plus spearheads the rest with a considerable margin. About 2.00 billion people are using WhatsApp messaging application in their android phones. Conventional WhatsApp allows you to make video and audio calls, make business and friend groups, put status you like, add and block the persons you wish to, and many more features.

Why do you need to have Whatsapp Plus?

No doubt, the official WhatsApp is fulfilling the demands of the users. That’s why it has captured a significant chunk of people in the world. With a lot of benefits, it also has some restrictions. So, modified developers have developed another version of Whatsapp known as Whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp Plus has various additional features along with unique WhatsApp features.

Requirements to download WhatsappPlus:

Phone Type Android
Android Version 5.0+
Size 52.3 MB
License Type Freeware
Last Updated 1-day ago

Download WhatsappPlus APK

How to Install Whatsapp Plus:

Following steps, you need to follow to install WhatsApp plus in your android phone.

  1. First of all, you need to uninstall any version of WhatsApp if you already have it on your phone.
  2. At the next step, you should click in the following link to directly download Whatsapp plus.
  3. After installation of the app, click on the open button.
  4. When you open, it will require to access your photos, media, and files of your device. Click on the Allow button.
  5. In the new window. Select the “agree and continue” button.
  6. Here you have two options. Either, you can put your contact number, and quick-start using the WhatsApp plus from the beginning or copy the Whatsapp Data; already stored in your device. Do as you desire and click the next button.
  7. Put the 6-Digit code received in your phone and click continue
  8. Now in the next step, the system will, by default restoring a backup of your previous WhatsApp.
  9. After the restoration of data, click the next button and enter your name.
  10. Click on the Next button.
  11. Since you are using a modded version of WhatsApp, you cannot create a backup in google drive.
  12. So, select the “Never” option from the various options.


The interface of Whatsapp Plus

The interface of Whatsapp plus is very much like original WhatsApp. It almost follows the same patters as does the original WhatsApp. But, the unique features of WhatsApp plus in its interface are as follows.

  • Firstly, the logo of WhatsApp plus is different as compared to that of original Whatsapp. In the original WhatsApp logo, green color is dominant. While in the Whatsapp Plus logo, the blue color is dominant, which seems more beautiful.
  • Secondly, the home screen of Whatsapp plus having an additional sign of signal on the top of the screen. See what it depicts.
  • Thirdly, the search and menu logs are bolder as compared to that of the original WhatsApp.

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Other Versions/Competitors of Whatsapp-Plus which you may Like:

Features of Whatsapp Plus apk

 The following are the prominent features of WhatsApp plus, which you will like the most. At the end of the article, you will not hesitate to download and use the modified version of WhatsApp which is WhatsApp plus apk.


<img src="" alt="WhatsappPlus Screenshots">

Instruction icon on Chats Menu:

In WhatsApp plus, there is the availability of the instruction icon; it looks like a wifi icon. This instruction icon has nothing more to do than instructing the note that during airplane mode, apk will not be able to send or receive the message.  It is not an essential instruction as, during airplane mode, all messaging and communication devices do not receive/transmit signals. So, it is not possible to contact anybody via mobile devices.

Additional Options on Plus Menu:

While using Whatsapp Plus, you face limited features. Unlike conventional WhatsApp, the modified version of Whatsapp plus offers the following other features on the chats menu.

Steps to be followed: Start WhatsApp plus è Chats Menu è Click on the + on the bottom right corner.  You will get following options in this + sign:

  • Conventional contacts option where you can search your contacts, add new contacts, make new groups, and invite a friend.
  • Secondly, you will have a clock icon, which indicates that you can get silent WhatsAppPlus anytime you want. You just need to click that option, and you will be free to hear any voice from WhatsApp plus messages and calls.

Note: Once you click the option, WhatsApp plus restart itself for the execution of instruction automatically.

  • Thirdly, you will have a page icon. This icon has not much to do. It reloads the profile pictures and lets you know about the exact time when the changes made.
  • The last option is WhatsApp plus menu, which takes you to another world. This option is having distinctive features than original WhatsApp.

Note: This action bar depicting + sign can be removed from the screen by going into the settings of WhatsApp plus. After removing this icon, the home screen will look like that of the original WhatsApp.

The following are the distinctive features that WhatsApp plus have in it.

Addition Privacy and Security Options:

In WhatsApp plus there are various privacy and security options like:

Freeze Last Seen:

By this feature, you can freeze your last seen for others. This option is also available in WhatsApp original. Still, the difference is that in original WhatsApp, if you freeze last seen for others than you also restricting yourself for watching last seen of others. This act does not happen in WhatsApp plus. By applying this feature, you are just restricting others to view your previous seen whereas you can still see other’s last seen.

Multi-Hide Options:

In the privacy bar, there are multi options to hide of view option. Now with WhatsApp plus you can optimize your privacy by:

  • Hiding blue ticks
  • You can Hide second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Also option of Hiding Typing
  • Hide Recording

Note: In “hiding second tick option,” there is an issue that sometimes messages used to get delivered late. So it is the editor’s suggestion to use that option on your own risk.

Who can call me?

It is the blessing of WhatsApp plus that now you can restrict your contacts from contacting you openly. Now you can choose who can contact you. You can allow or limit everyone, only your contacts, some selected contacts, some exceptions, or nobody to contact you. This add-on is the best feature of personal security. You can decide who can talk to you.

Chat Options in Whatsapp+:

Here come the features which will force you to use WhatsApp-plus.

Disable Forwarded:

In conventional WhatsApp, there is no option to hide or eradicate forward sign or clue when you forward some text message to others. It generally appears to be weird for the receiver to have such signs or unnecessary information. Whatsapp-plus came with the resolution of this issue. We can use a disable forward option to stop disclosing to the receiver about the status of the message. This feature is appealing for the users of WhatsApp, who have been seeking the solution for long.

Anti-Delete Messages:

In addition to the above, there was a restriction in original WhatsApp that someone can send you messages, and suddenly they used to delete the send texts for you. This act creates suspense for the user because he remained unaware of what was said to him or sent to him. Actually, in this scenario, it seems to be disrespectful first to post some text or content and delete it immediately. The same happens in the case of images, audio, and video media.

Now by using WhatsApp plus, you just need to activate this option to snatch your right of received reading text, audio, or video messages.

This option has created for the demand of various teenagers and youngsters.

Show Blue Tick after Reply:

There are various features of WhatsApp, which are hurting your privacy deliberately or unconsciously. Sometimes users remained busy in their office job or the daily businesses that they are unable to reply to your text messages instantly. It often happens to the users that when they receive the text they immediately saw it but unfortunately not able to respond to that text. Such acts create hurdles in the relationships, whether it is personal relation or an official relation. So, to cope up with this adverse situation, WhatsApp plus has added this feature. Now, by enabling this feature receiver can only see double blues when he gets a reply of the text.

 Hide View Status:

More you know about WhatsApp plus more, you will be addicted to it. Once you use this app, you will never look behind the original version. Hide view status is another beauty of WhatsApp plus. In the original version, when you view anybody’s status, the person will have your name on his displayed status list. It will not happen in WhatsApp plus case. After activating this feature, you can see the upload statuses of your contacts by even not letting them know about it. It means that the people will not have your name on the list of view-status person list.

Anti-Delete Status in WPlus:

When you are dealing with original WhatsApp, you cannot see the deleted statuses of your contacts. But with WhatsApp Plus, you can get rid of this. Whatsapp plus is that app that allows you to watch the removed “status” and “stories” of the contacts you added.

Security Options of Whatsapp-Plus:

Conventional WhatsApp has an issue that it did not provide an app lock solely. So, once your mobile phone approached by someone with no mobile lock, your WhatsApp will not be secured. Security has optimized its molded version of WhatsApp plus. Thanks to Whatsapp plus, which offers app-security options of Finger Print, Pattern, and PIN locks. You can also recover your lost password by putting the answer to the question which you have once mentioned as your recovery question.

Add-on Options:

A second option is an add-on option in + menu. This feature, unlike conventional WhatsApp, allows you to make stickers, download stickers, and download wallpapers directly from trusted sources. Here you can also design your customized stickers and wallpapers.

Themes Options:

Humans always seek for the change. This move also happens when people are using the same products for more extended periods. Versatility and variations in the product are the requirements to flourish in the industry. Unfortunately, the original WhatsApp lacks this feature. While on the other hand, WhatsApp plus has an option to add beautiful themes for their use. It’s a time to download, load, save, and restore themes for your app just by using Whatsapp plus. It offers all color schemes for its users, which makes them distinctive among all users.

Color by choice:

WhatsApp plus is here to add freshness in your life. Green is the dominating color in Original Whatsapp, which cannot be modified. But, you can customize WhatsApp plus by using gradient and shades in fonts and contacts of your own choice. With this attractive app, you can change the color of the new update bar, Recent update text, status seen tone, Unseen Status color, date pending message color, and so on.

Change of Style Options:

Once you step outside the original WhatsApp and try the molded version of it, you will come to know that we were wasting your time.  Here you can change everything you want. You name it, and you will be able to modify it. You can change the style of

  • Launcher Icons; with different colors and designs
  • Notification Icons; with different colors and designs
  • Fonts
  • Emoji

Hide Media from Gallery Option in W+:

Original WhatsApp is far away in providing facilities and options like WhatsApp plus do. When you are using your cell phones, this implies that you are so much introvert for your data. And your psychology remains identical when you are working in the domain of an apk. Whatsapp plus offers you to hide data of WhatsApp directly from the gallery. Your PDF files, Images, Audio, and Video content will remain hidden for long just by using this feature.

Unlimited Sharing of Images at Once:

You can share more than ten image files in one go. It will maintain original high quality of image too. Whatsapp Plus has resolved issues of many business and corporate organizations. It is time-saving and efficient as compared to the original version of WhatsApp.

How to Replace the home screen with your personalize text in Whatsapp-Plus

Whatsapp plus will never stop amazing you with its wonders. With original WhatsApp, you might get bored with the written “Whatsapp” on the home screen. On the other hand, Whatsapp plus facilitates you to mold this screen as well. Now you can write your name and status or whatever you want on the home screen.

 Changing Home Style:

This modification is one of the much-needed changes made in WhatsApp plus. Original WhatsApp has some standardized styles of the home screen. While on the other hand, WhatsApp plus offers versatility in the form of the home screen. There is a total of 8 different home screen styles. Famous of them is Telegram Style, Yowa Style, and Stock Style. You can switch to another style as soon as you get bored with one style.

Hide Chats Divider:

Using WhatsApp Plus, you can also hide chats divider. In real, a grey line appears in between the contacts while using the original WhatsApp. This modified app has provided an additional option to hide or show this grey line. Similarly, you also can set a specific ringtone to your specified contact by activating ringtone contact toast option in home settings.

 Distinctive Attributes of Action Bar:

Since the beginning of the article, the pros of the apk have focused alone. This stream has not ended yet. Whatsapp plus bring multi-features in the action bar menu. The action bar menu is located in the plus row setting of the discussed apk. Using the action bar, you can perform the following distinctive functions:

  • Change the color of Action Bar on Chat Screen
  • Hide contact profile picture
  • Hide Contact name
  • Hide Call Button
  • Disable the contact Status
  • Modify contact status background in conversation screen
  • Change Status background
  • Change contact status text color
  • Change the style of the header in the conversation screen

Modifications in Bubbles and Ticks:

In the original version of WhatsApp, one cannot modify the style of ticks and bubbles in the apk. Whereas the witchy attributes of Whatsapp plus allows one to do modifications like:

  • Choosing the best tick style among the 100 given options.
  • Choosing the best bubble style among given 43 styles.
  • Molding message text size.
  • Changing the background color of conversation when set to no wallpaper.
  • Changing Bubble Color, Bubble Text Color, Bubble time Color, Quoted Divider Color, Quoted Name Color, Quoted Message Color, Quoted Background Color, and so on.

Modifications in Picture:

Whatsapp plus is more elaborated as compared to the WhatsApp original. More customization is available in this version of WhatsApp plus as compared to that of the original version. Similarly, various modifications can also be done in terms of the picture of the contact. In short, you have the following options of:

  • Show/Hide contact pictures on every message.
  • Display/Hide own pic on every text message.
  • In groups, show/hide group participant pic on every message.
  • Display or Hide your pic on every group message.
  • Placing display picture inside/corner.
  • Changing the size of the display picture.

Modifications in Conversation:

In WhatsApp plus, you can modify:

  • The style of bottom entry in the conversation screen.
  • The color of the entry background.
  • The color of the entry icons.
  • Color of the Emoji button on the conversation screen.
  • Send/Mic color in the conversation screen.
  • Mic/Send background color.
  • The color of the text entry background.
  • The color of the text in the conversation screen.

In addition to the above, one can bring modifications in:

  • Emoji popup header color.
  • Emoji popup icon color
  • Emoji popup background color.
  • Hyperlink color in Chat Bubbles.
  • Date and Missed calls text color bubbles.
  • Date and Missed call bubbles background-color
  • Group Participants name text color
  • Voice note message playing bar color
  • Forward icon and forward icon background color.

Custom Wallpaper per contact in Whatsapp Plus:

Original WhatsApp does have a feature of making dedicating wallpaper for a specified contact. Thanks to the creators of Whatsapp plus, which allows making customized wallpaper for a particular contact. This wallpaper will only display on the background when you start the conversation to that specified person only.

Dark Side of Whatsapp Plus:

Till now, in this article, we have just mentioned the positives of WhatsApp plus. No doubt, the fantasy of this molded apk is attractive to every apk user. Besides all the positives mentioned above, there is some dark side of WhatsApp plus as well.

Here we mention all loopholes in WhatsApp plus: <img src="" alt="WhatsappPlus disadvantages">

  • Since it is the modified version of the original WhatsApp. Google does not own it. You cannot directly download it from google play store.
  • The modified versions are in use since 2013. Google has not put any sanctions over it or block any website. But identically, you cannot create your backup of WhatsApp plus in google drive.
  • There is ambiguity in this apk legitimacy. Some say it is many legal states that it is not. This apk has followed all parameters of google.
  • This modified version has very slow updates.
  • The interface is not as more reliable as the original version.
  • This modified version is not as safer as the original WhatsApp version.

FAQ’S of Whatsapp-Plus

Question: DO we need to pay for WhatsApp plus?

Answer: No, WhatsApp plus is free. You can directly download it from here for free.

Question: Can Whatsapp Plus apk harm our system?

Answer: This is the modified version of the original app not fully backed by google. So, whenever you download it, you will see a warning like this. Till now, no such incident has seen.

Question: Is Whatsapp Plus Legal?

Answer: As authority of Whatsapp conider it illegal due to copyrights and removed from playstore as well. Still it is available for download on different platforms. It is in grey category neither illegal or legal. It is safe to use & trustworthy.

Question: Does this version provide backup?

Answer: Unfortunately, this version of WhatsApp does not provide google drive backup. But you can manually create a backup of your messages on your laptop or mobile device.

Question: Can we restore a backup from the original version to the new version?

Answer: Yes, you could. When you install WhatsApp plus, it will ask you for it.


Whatsapp Plus APK Download for Android & Iphone | Version 8.30
Whatsapp Plus APK Download for Android & Iphone | Version 8.30 2

As far as communication is concerned in android apps, Whatsapp Plus spearheads the rest with a considerable margin. About 2.00 billion people are using WhatsApp messaging application in their android phones. Conventional WhatsApp allows you to make video and audio calls, make business and friend groups, put status you like, add and block the persons you wish to, and many more features.

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Chatting & Video



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