Download Gbwhatsapp for Iphone- {Best Updated Features 2020}


Gbwhatsapp for Iphone

Why the Iphone users remain deprived of the MOD version of whats app? They must also enjoy the features of gbwhatsapp in addition to the android users.

It is true that in the beginning the MOD developers tested their gbwhatsapp apk for android phones. Later on, they found that they have spared a big market of Iphone users. So they decided to develop Iphone friendly gbwhatsapp.

Now GB whatsapp is here to provide various additional features in your Iphone device that is not available in original whatsapp version. Even the latest versions of original whatsapp are not able to compete with the gbwhatssapp.

What is Gbwhatsapp for Iphone?

You are well-aware of the whatsapp. When you are using whatsapp, you are facing some restrictions and you want to get rid of them. But you are not a software or apk developer to do so. The annoying restrictions put you under pressure when you are using it.

For example, you are having a genuine whatsapp in your Iphone and your boss asks you to send files and images with video media within a minute. By chance, the size of files is big which is not supported by whatsapp. Here you are in trouble and you will regret that time that why you are not having GBwhatsapp. This is a single aspect; there are tons of features there which gives you the ultimate freedom and satisfaction.

Where I can download the free version of gbwhatsapp for Iphone?

If you are desperately looking for the free version of gbwhastsapp for iphone and have never found the correct one yet. We already have gbwhatsapp for android.

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We are providing a free latest version download of GBwhatsapp for Iphone.


What are the features of gbwhatsapp for iphone?

The features of gbwhatsapp for iphone users are no ways different from that of for the android users. Following are the distinctive features of gbwhatsapp for Iphone users:

Revoked Messages

The revoked messages option allows you to check the revoked messages. Now, nobody can take back the delivered words by his/her own will.

Multi-Account Option

Gbwhatsapp is compatible with another whatsapp. It means that there is no hassle in using multi-accounts of whatsapp in a single phone. This gives the clone attribute to them.

Payment Option

This feature has never come in the original version of whatsapp. The MOD developers have just controlled the market by embedding such amazing features in the app. You can make your payments to your family and friends via UPI.

Mention Name

You can now mention the name of any person present in the group. This puts ease in addressing to a person. It makes the interaction more clean and transparent.

Variety of Emojis

With the variety of hundreds of emojis, you can amaze your loved ones. Gbwhatsapp allows the ultimate expression of the conversation. Trust me you will not need a video call if you try this properly.

Auto-Reply Option

It is possible that you are busy sometimes and may not reply or may not want to communicate with a person. Sometimes it also happens that you plan to send a text in the future. Your messages might be associated with a task or you may want to remind someone something in the future.

For this, you can set auto-reply option to your chosen list or you can fix a future text to someone.

DND Mode

You can optimize your privacy to an extra level via gbwhatsapp. DND mode allows you to be cut off from the internet. This will clearly indicate that you are not connected to gbwhatspp at this time.

On the other hand, you can browse on google or youtube privately.

Extended Group Name

Gbwhatsapp apk allows choosing a long name for your group. There is not any restriction of limited words in gbwhatsapp.  You can select lengthy name upto 35-words for your gbwhatsapp group.


Have you ever imagined of sending up to 600 messages at once? It is possible through gbwhatsapp apk only. A telemarketer can have a breath of sigh after the discovery of this feature.

Copy Status

Gbwhastapp for iphone allows you to copy the status of your contact list and save them on your clipboard directly. After that, you can share it with your loved ones just because of gbwhatsapp for iPhone.

Last Seen

Gbwhatsapp for Iphone give you liberty in making a clear choice of hiding or exposing your last seen. You can choose who you want to share your last seen status whom you don’t.

Personal Chats Privacy

You can privately hide your personal chats using gbwhastapp for iphone.

More Images in One Go

Now you can send more that 90-images in a one go. You would have never such scope of send such a humongous amount if images in just a single shift.

Forward Privacy

With gbwhatsapp for iphone, you can copy the chat without name and time and can send it to the other users without notifying them whether it is a forward text or not.

Final Words

“If you have a thirst to have the latest version of GB WhatsApp in your iPhone, you can download it from our trusted site. We are providing a direct downloading link to our visitors. So, don’t wait and download the updated GB WhatsApp for iPhone and unlock mind-blowing features.” Rate us if you find our site useful.



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