How to Setup GB Whatsapp Web for Android and MAC in 2020

Gb whatsapp web is the web assistant to Gb whatsapp allowing you to use all features on Gb whatsapp via PC or MAC. Gb whatsapp web is the pc version of gb whatsapp. With the increasing fame of gb whatsapp people are demanding gb whatsapp web for their pc. In this article, we will illustrate step by step procedure to launch gb whatsapp web for your pc.

What is GB whatsapp web?

Gb whatsapp web is the pc version of gb whatsapp. When you are working from home or your professional field bounds you to stick to your pc or mac, you may have dire need of gb whatsapp web on your pc.

Gb Whatsapp web vs WhatsApp Web

What attracts you to go for gb whatsapp web for your pc instead of whatsapp web? There are many reasons for this.

<img src="" alt="Gb whatsapp Web vs Whatsapp Web">

I would mention the amnesties which gb whatsapp web offers for pc and lacks in conventional whatsapp web for pc.

  • You can freeze last seen with you gb whatsapp web for pc whereas you can’t do that with your conventional whatsapp web.
  • You can hide View Status from you gb whatsapp web easily.
  • Blue Ticks can also make hidden with your gb whatsapp web for PC. This allows you to keep your privacy intact when you are not willing to let other people see whether you have seen the message or not.
  • You can also restrict addressing person not to know if you are recording your audio or not. You can hide all you want.
  • You can activate DND mode which will give a clear message that you are offline. Despite your will be online and can use your gb whatsapp full fledge.
  • You can back up your data on your PC with you gb whatsapp web on PC.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are many features which you can enjoy on Gb whatsapp Web like font selection, theme selection etc. In short, you can enjoy all features of Gb Whatsapp apk on your Gb whatsapp web.

Download Gb whatsapp Here for free.

How to Setup Gb Whatsapp Web for PC and MAC?

Don’t hassle here and there to find the right method to setup Gb whatsapp web on your PC. You are at the right place, just follow following steps to get the Gb whatsapp Web on your PC.

Step 1

The first step is the precautionary measure you need to make sure. Make sure that you are the only user of your PC is in front of you.

Step 2

Launch Gb whatsapp on your android device by clicking on the 3-dots, depicting the settings of Gbwhatsapp apk.


Click the Gbwhatsapp Web button.

Step 4

Click on the “+” sign on the top right of the screen to launch the code scanner.


Now, launch the browser on your PC and search for 


Here comes the code on your screen. Scan the code with your mobile.


Wait for a few seconds, and your Gbwhatsapp web has launched. Use and enjoy enormous features.

Important Note:

Always logout when you are done with Gbwhatsapp Web on PC or MAC. The logout option is available on your mobile.


Does Gb whatsapp have its own web system?

No, actually Gb whatsapp is working to develop their own Whatsapp Web system. Till date, they are using the platform of conventional Whatsapp Web to launch Gbwhatsapp web for MAC or PC.

The Infrastructure of GB whatsapp is same as that of a Whatsspp but Gb whatsapp has various additive features. It is compatible with the conventional Web version of Whatsapp.

Is Gb whatsapp web is different from Gb whatsapp apk on PC or MAC?

Yes, these are two different things. By Gb Whatsapp Web, we mean that the user can use the Gb whatsapp on any browser by scanner the code.

On the other hand, you don’t need any web address if you want Gb whatsapp apk on your PC or MAC.

You need an android emulator to use Gb whatsapp apk on PC and MAC.

Is there any cost of using Gb whatsapp web for PC or MAC?

No, not at all it is free of cost service.


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